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How to react after a car accident caused by someone else

Whether a Florida driver is at fault for an accident or not, the protocols for what to do afterward are largely the same. It is important to get as much information about the other driver as possible including that person's name, address and phone number. Drivers should also exchange insurance information and get witness statements if possible. The police may need to be called to create an accident report.

It is never a good idea to move people who may have been injured unless it is not safe for them to stay where they are. Drivers should take notes about any injuries that they may have suffered in the crash. If necessary, those who are in a vehicle that is hit should seek medical attention right away. As soon as an accident victim gets home, he or she should report the crash to his or her insurance company.

This gives the insurance company a chance to learn more about the accident and prepare a defense to any claim against it by the other driver. Reporting the accident also shows that a driver is creating a good faith effort to be honest about what happened. In the event that the other driver's insurance company fails to pay for damages, it may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the driver who caused the crash.

Anyone who suffers an injury in a car crash may be entitled to compensation if the crash was caused by another person's negligence. Compensation may be available to pay for medical bills or make up for lost wages or future earnings. Cases may be resolved either by trial or through a settlement negotiated out of court.

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