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Most drivers report having been angry behind the wheel

According to a survey released in 2016 by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, almost 80 percent of drivers said that in the previous year, they had experienced significant aggression, anger or road rage while driving. A small but not insignificant number reported acts of extreme road road including 4 percent of people who said they had left a vehicle to confront someone and 3 percent who said they had deliberately hit another vehicle. It is more than likely that many Florida motorists are guilty of this type of behavior.

Just over half of people surveyed admitted deliberately tailgating someone while nearly half said they had yelled at other drivers. Almost one-third reported making angry gestures, and 45 percent admitted they had honked to show they were upset. Nearly one-quarter said they had tried to prevent another vehicle from changing lanes, and more than 10 percent had deliberately cut off another driver. Almost two-thirds of drivers said aggressive driving is more serious than it was three years earlier, and 90 percent said their safety was threatened by these types of drivers.

Male drivers were three times more likely than female drivers to engage in particularly aggressive behaviors such as confronting other drivers and hitting other vehicles. Drivers in the 19-39 age bracket and drivers from the Northeast were also more likely to engage in aggressive behaviors and exhibit road rage.

These types of behaviors can result in car accidents. When a person is injured in an accident caused by road rage, the other driver may be financially liable. In an accident of this nature, there might be criminal charges as well. However, even if no criminal charges have been filed, an injured victim may still want to have legal help in seeking compensation from the reckless motorist.

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