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Brake safety violations sideline nearly 2,000 trucks

Many Florida motorists know just how dangerous it can be sharing the road with large commercial trucks. On May 3, a bit fewer than 2,000 trucks in North America were taken out of service on an unannounced Brake Safety Day conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

In 33 U.S. states and 10 Canadian provinces, inspectors launched nearly 10,000 inspections during a one-day blitz designed to pinpoint brake safety issues. Out of the trucks inspected, 1,989 were removed from the road for a number of trucking safety violations. Of them, 1,146 were stopped and placed out of service for braking violations.

Of course, brakes are one of the most critical pieces of safety equipment on any vehicle, especially a massive semi-truck or 18-wheeler sharing the road with passenger cars and even bicycles and pedestrians. The goal of the annual unannounced inspection is to help get trucks with major brake violations off the road until they are repaired. In general, the CVSA also reported that violations related to brakes regularly make up the greatest percentage of safety problems that require trucks to be taken out of service. Inspectors pull trucks aside to look for improperly functioning brakes, brakes that are out of adjustment or poorly maintained brake systems.

Commercial trucking accidents can be devastating to occupants of other vehicles. Many semi trucks weigh close to 80,000 pounds, and their sheer size and weight can cause catastrophic injuries. If a collision can be found to have been caused by negligent brake maintenance, then a personal injury attorney could help an injured victim seek compensation from the trucking company.

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