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The emergence of self-driving cars may take longer than expected

With big companies investing millions and billions into developing autonomous vehicles (AVs) and self-driving cars, many are eagerly anticipating the days of these impressive vehicles. However, residents in Florida and other states may not see AVs anytime soon.

There is good reason for all the hype about self-driving cars as these vehicles could make the road a much safer place. Speculation predicts AVs available for personal or commercial use in as little as two years with the longest estimate being 2032. However, some people are not so optimistic.

Amazing potential does not always translate to reality. Outstanding predictions were also made about electric cars, but actual sales were more lackluster. The cost of electric vehicles and a lack of consumer confidence led to poor results.

Infrastructure is also a big problem for electric vehicles as a lack of charging stations make these models less practical than traditional gas-powered vehicles. When it comes to AVs, overhauls may be needed not for roadways but for the legal system. This will involve creating new standards for liability in accidents involving AVs.

Consumer confidence may hurt AVs too. Self-driving cars could result in significantly safer roads, but the public might not immediately trust these vehicles. While humans are by no means perfect, trusting an automated system to do such an important job may not be easy. Truck drivers are wary of the effectiveness of AVs on the road. The public agrees with their concerns as 74 percent of Americans surveyed did not trust that completely self-driving vehicles were safe.

At the moment, driver negligence generally determines fault for car accidents. Negligence typically includes behavior reasonable drivers would not engage in, such as speeding or drinking and driving.

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