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Driving close to home can still be dangerous

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics indicate that Florida leads the way for deadly motor vehicle accidents in the southeastern part of the U.S. According to one car insurance company, the majority of all fatal crashes take place close to home. In light of this information, local residents who often find themselves behind the wheel within 25 miles of their residences may want to take extra care as they ride through familiar neighborhoods.

The data suggests that driving a motor vehicle in a well-familiar area creates a comfort zone, which may enable drivers to operate on autopilot, or muscle memory, instead of relying on defensive driving skills. In short, the hyper-vigilance that a driver might demonstrate on a long car ride may not always be present during a short hop to or from the home.

Complacent driving could leave motorists vulnerable to crashes caused by any number of unpredictable elements, including distracted drivers, equipment failure and animals that dart across the roadway without warning. No matter how close to home a driver might be, buckling up and remaining alert are the two most effective things they can do to avoid serious injury in a sudden accident.

In Florida, drivers who make every effort to remain responsive behind the wheel may still be seriously injured in car accidents close to home. Because a responsible party may deny fault for a crash, an injured motorist may find it beneficial to seek legal counsel at the earliest opportunity. The attorney may be able to conduct an investigation before any evidence is removed or destroyed, establish liability in the case and negotiate a fair settlement with insurers on the client's behalf.

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