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Using headlights during the day could prevent car crashes

While most Florida motorists drive with their headlights off during the day, they may be interested to know that studies have shown that the number of car accidents are reduced when drivers always keep their headlights on. Some manufacturers are now installing daytime running lights on new cars. However, there is a debate over whether the responsibility of permanent headlight usage should fall to drivers or to car manufacturers.

Although headlights are most effective at night or in poor light, using headlights during the day makes the vehicle more visible to other motorists. Although the reduction rate is different between studies, some showed that use of headlamps during the day reduced the number of multi-vehicle car accidents by approximately 6 percent. Studies also showed that the use of headlights during the day reduced the number of pedestrian accidents by about 12 percent and the number of motorcycle accidents by about 23 percent.

Some drivers worried that the cost of running their headlights day-in and day-out would be significant. However, a study from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that using the headlights during daylight hours would only add to drivers' costs by about $3 to $40 depending on the type of headlights drivers used.

People are responsible for driving safely and for following the rules of the road. If drivers cause car accidents after failing to see another vehicle in front, to the side or behind them, they could potentially be held liable for any injuries or damages that resulted from the collisions. Those who have been harmed in such an accident might want to meet with an attorney to discuss how best to seek compensation.

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