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Car size is a factor in injury and crash severity

Florida motorists who drive smaller cars likely enjoy the fuel economy that they offer. Unfortunately, small cars fare much worse when they are involved in collisions than do larger vehicles. People who are in the market for a new vehicle might want to take these risks into consideration before they make purchasing decisions.

When small vehicles have front-end collisions, they have less on the front of their vehicles than larger vehicles do. Having smaller fronts means that less is available to absorb the physical forces of the crashes. The car occupants are thus likelier to absorb the forces themselves.

Small cars do poorly when they are in collisions with vehicles that are larger such as SUVs or trucks. Since they are lighter, they do not need as much distance to stop as do larger vehicles. By contrast, larger vehicles do require longer distances to come to stops. When they strike smaller cars, more of the forces of the crashes are likelier to reach the smaller cars' occupants. When comparing fatality rates between small cars and larger vehicles, the rates are approximately twice as high for people in small cars.

Car accidents can devastate the lives of victims. When the collisions are caused by negligent driving behaviors, the victims might benefit by seeking the help of experienced personal injury attorneys who can negotiate with the responsible insurance companies in order to try to recover damages in amounts that are sufficient to compensate their clients fairly. If it is not possible to reach settlement agreements, the attorneys may file lawsuits on behalf of their clients and build strong cases for trials.

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