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Combating drowsy driving

Florida drivers may be able to use a device that will shock them with an electric pulse to keep them awake. This may reduce the number of people who are killed every year in the United States by individuals who are driving while drowsy.

Improving economy leads to more traffic deaths

Florida motorists may be surprised to learn that the improving economy is causing more Americans to die in crashes involving late-model vehicles, according to a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. The organization notes that deaths are increasing despite continued improvements in vehicle safety design.

July 4 is a deadly day for drivers

Driving in Florida can be hazardous at any time of the year, but the roads of the Sunshine State can be especially perilous during the summer months. Car accident fatalities soar during holiday weekends when the nation's roads are packed with vacationers and revelers, and government data suggests that human error plays a role in most of these deaths. More road users are killed on July 4 than on any other day of the year according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, and claims analysis performed by Travelers reveals that more crashes take place on the first four days of July than during either the Memorial Day or Labor Day weekends.

Most drivers report having been angry behind the wheel

According to a survey released in 2016 by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, almost 80 percent of drivers said that in the previous year, they had experienced significant aggression, anger or road rage while driving. A small but not insignificant number reported acts of extreme road road including 4 percent of people who said they had left a vehicle to confront someone and 3 percent who said they had deliberately hit another vehicle. It is more than likely that many Florida motorists are guilty of this type of behavior.

How to react after a car accident caused by someone else

Whether a Florida driver is at fault for an accident or not, the protocols for what to do afterward are largely the same. It is important to get as much information about the other driver as possible including that person's name, address and phone number. Drivers should also exchange insurance information and get witness statements if possible. The police may need to be called to create an accident report.

Group unveils textalyzer device for detecting cellphone use

Distracted driving accidents are becoming worryingly common in Florida and around the country, and a great many of these crashes are blamed on cellphone use. Police have breath testing equipment that can reliably determine whether or not a motorist has been drinking, but establishing that a driver was distracted at the time of an accident can be challenging. However, a road safety advocacy group and an Israeli mobile data company have developed a tool that would allow police officers to find out how a cellphone was being used prior to a collision.

After a crash: A 3-step action plan

After you have been in a traffic accident, you may feel rattled and uncomfortable from the impact. However, if you are able, your insurance company wants you to do a few things for the claims process. Taking the right steps may also ensure that you do not miss out on compensation to cover damages.

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