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Tire spike ornaments on big rigs considered safety hazard

Florida truck drivers who choose to adorn their lug nut covers with spikes made of plastic or metal could be increasing the chance of accidents. Other motorists and pedestrians find them intimidating. One victim of a tractor-trailer wreck specifically mentioned the spikes on the front wheel hubs in a 2012 lawsuit. People increasingly view the spikes as a potential threat because they can distract other motorists.

Brake safety violations sideline nearly 2,000 trucks

Many Florida motorists know just how dangerous it can be sharing the road with large commercial trucks. On May 3, a bit fewer than 2,000 trucks in North America were taken out of service on an unannounced Brake Safety Day conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.

FMCSA implements new CDL rule after Trump-ordered review

Commercial vehicle operators in Florida and around the country are being given a lengthy amount of time to comply with new truck driver training regulations that went into effect on June 5. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration had pushed for the revisions to commercial driver's license training standards to be implemented in February, but a regulatory review ordered by the Trump administration delayed their introduction for five months. President Trump vowed to slash red tape and make life easier for American businesses during the campaign, and he ordered a review of all pending regulations shortly after taking office.

Safety violations highlighted in annual truck inspection event

Truck drivers in Florida and across the country are geared up for a major annual vehicle inspection push from June 6 through June 8. Every year, the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance conducts the International Roadcheck, a 72-hour event that focuses on safety enforcement and compliance.

More truck drivers might be tested for sleep apnea

Florida truck drivers may be more likely to face screening for sleep apnea based on the refusal in April of the U.S. Supreme Court to hear a case dealing with a truck driver who had a risk factor for the condition. The driver's employer had required him to get a test for sleep apnea because of his BMI, but the man refused and provided a letter from his doctor saying that such a test was unnecessary. The man was fired, and a lower court ruled that his Americans with Disabilities Act rights were not violated.

Roadcheck blitz to focus on secure load inspection

Florida residents, especially those in the trucking industry, may be interested in the upcoming inspection blitz conducted by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance. These inspections, usually conducted annually, serve as a reminder to truckers about the importance of safety and vehicle maintenance and upkeep. Improper upkeep and load securing is a leading cause of truck-related accidents.

Driverless trucks may make the trucking industry safer

Florida truckers may be familiar with the efforts of a California company to make trucks drive in an autonomous mode. On Feb. 3, the company successfully transported freight on the highway for 120 miles with its driverless truck technology. The company's co-founder stated his software was developed so that drivers can remotely control their trucks from an office, which could improve safety and allow drivers to spend more time at home.

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